You can feel at peace,
even within the chaos.

EFT Coach for Parents and Children Online

Imagine a life with
less drama and more love

With EFT, you can free yourself of negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are causing you to feel stressed, anxious, overwhelmed or depressed.

Would you like to take charge of your emotional health so that you can create a more harmonious life filled with a sense of peace and joy?

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Hi, I’m Alison.

I’m a practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), certified as an Official EFT™ Master by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig.

I’m also a certified integrative health coach, meditation teacher and yoga teacher, and a mother of three children.

I’m passionate about inspiring, supporting and empowering others to:
• take charge of their emotional health;
• find their purpose and their joy, and
• live a more harmonious life, with less drama and more love.

Let’s chat and see how I can help!

“Alison has a wonderful way of being able to bring out what is being hidden, denied or simply overlooked…”

Cristina J., Sydney Australia

“I have found Alison's sessions to be immensely helpful and informative. So very grateful to have found her.”

Lindsay P., United Kingdom

“After having several sessions with her I felt overall happier and more at peace. I also felt more love towards myself and towards everyone around me.”

Natalia, Spain

I understand what it’s like to
feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

But it was only when I received a cancer diagnosis that I really understood how detrimental the effects of stress can be.

That was my wake-up call, leading me to transform my life and find my purpose. I gave up my career as a lawyer and dedicated myself to learning everything I could about health and healing.

EFT has played a major role in my healing journey, enabling me to let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs that were stuck in my subconscious, out of my awareness yet always playing a role.

My greatest joy is to share what I have learned with others, to support and guide them along the path to emotional freedom.

If you’re feeling anxious or stressed out

know that you can find calm and rest in your everyday life.

If you’re feeling stuck and unfulfilled,
like something is missing

it’s time to discover your purpose and joy in life.

If you’re feeling hopeless and in despair,
trapped in negative thought patterns…

let’s find your path to emotional freedom.

“The goal of EFT is peace of mind. From that miraculous state of mind comes everything else you could possibly want.”

Sheri Baker

I’m here to empower you to become the highest version of yourself.