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What Is EFT Therapy Tapping –  Emotional Freedom Techniques

What is EFT?

Emotional Freedom Techniques (“EFT”) is a powerful healing tool which enables you to:

• process and release negative emotions;
• let go of self-limiting beliefs

that may be contributing to your emotional and physical issues.

EFT not only helps to release stress and anxiety in our conscious mind, but also releases unresolved emotions and self-limiting beliefs stuck in our subconscious mind, out of our awareness, yet always playing a role.

Using EFT to clear our minds of negative thoughts and emotions enables us to shift our perspective.

We can start to see our challenges as opportunities for growth. It helps us remember that we have the power to change our thoughts, and thus how we interact with the world.

Origin of EFT

EFT was founded by Gary Craig in 1995. Its earlier form, EFT Tapping, involves stimulating the acupuncture meridians by tapping on them with the fingertips, while focussing on the negative emotions that you want to release.

Its latest advancement, Optimal EFT, is even more powerful. It is a meditative process that involves direct access to your higher power or highest wisdom – whatever you may call that in your spiritual or religious practice.

EFT Tapping

EFT Tapping is a universal healing tool that combines the physical benefits of acupuncture with the cognitive benefits of conventional therapy for a faster and more effective treatment of emotional issues.

Instead of using needles, we gently tap on certain acupuncture points on the body using our fingertips, while focussing our attention on the negative emotion we want to release.

EFT Tapping clears energetic blockages that are the root cause of our physical and emotional problems, enabling us to return to optimal physical and emotional health.

It does not matter whether you believe in EFT Tapping – it works anyway! Just focus on how you feel and tap.

Optimal EFT

Optimal EFT is a meditative process that involves connecting to your higher power or highest wisdom in order to release negative emotions and self-limiting beliefs.

In Optimal EFT, we call this higher power “The Unseen Therapist”, so as not to conflict with anyone’s spiritual or religious beliefs.

The Unseen Therapist is our Spiritual Healer within and is known by many names, including Love, God, Higher Self, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Buddha, Source or Spirit.

For further information about Optimal EFT, please feel free to download “The Unseen Therapist” e-book which is available for free on Gary Craig’s website.

Why use EFT as opposed to other healing methods?

• It is easy to learn as a self-help method, for young and old
• It is very fast and effective in resolving emotional and physical problems
• It is non-invasive and has no adverse side-effects
• It works in a complementary way with other healing modalities
• You can practice EFT by yourself, anytime and anywhere

Benefits of EFT

Release Stress and Anxiety

Feel Calm and Confident

Improved Sleep

Enhanced Self-Esteem

Clarity of mind and Enhanced Intuition

Process and Release
Negative Emotions
(e.g. fear, anger, frustration, grief, guilt, shame)

Let go of self-limiting beliefs
(e.g. “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not lovable”)

Relieve Physical Pain

“Optimal EFT is the latest advancement in EFT. It uses the professional methods of EFT for identifying the issue, but replaces the tapping with the unlimited healing power of The Unseen Therapist. This innovation, if completely mastered, removes the lid from all healing limitations and facilitates a state where the impossible becomes routine.”

Gary Craig, EFT Founder

Let me help you along your journey.