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EFT Parenting Coach Alison Brock Testimonials Client Success Stories Nami Osakabe 3

“Alison helped me through the most difficult time in my life.

When I was pregnant, I found out my husband had been having an affair. Then, my son was diagnosed with Down Syndrome unexpectedly when he was born. I was shocked, devastated and felt hopeless.

Week after week, Alison used her expertise to help me to heal. I felt more hopeful and calmer after every session. I healed significantly faster than I would have on my own or with traditional therapy. Even after one session, I had lasting permanent benefits that would carry over into our next session.

Alison is a gifted and compassionate therapist. She helped me reframe my negative thoughts and increased my understanding and knowledge so that I could hold peace and love in my heart.

I would recommend Alison to anyone in need of help for their own healing and to everyone seeking more love and peace in their life. I am so incredibly grateful for all your help, love and light Alison!”

Nami O., Toronto, Canada

EFT Parenting Coach Alison Brock Testimonials Client Success Stories Cristina Jovellan 2

“I have been a client of Alison’s for months. At first, there were more obvious things to look at for healing. As time went on and I started to feel like there was not much else to work on, it became clear that this is where Alison’s training and skill came into it.

Alison has a wonderful way of being able to bring out what is being hidden, denied or simply overlooked…

and every time achieving great results and leaving me feeling clearer and more at peace than when I started the session.

Her understanding of the body and its corresponding emotional meanings is a great asset and takes Optimal EFT to another level. I would highly recommend Alison for dealing with healing on all levels, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.”

Cristina J., Sydney Australia

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I love having sessions with Alison. She is a beautiful facilitator of EFT and the Unseen Therapist. I came to Alison with concerns over a family issue with my adult daughter. Alison listened attentively to my concerns and then introduced me to the process of OEFT and the work of the Unseen Therapist.

I was a little sceptical and unsure of how the process would help but I trusted Alison’s wise counsel and relaxed into the process and allowed it to unfold. I felt held in a place of love and safety. In the session I became strongly aware of how much I felt over-responsible for what was happening in my child’s life.

I felt a weight lift from my heart and love flow through it.

Over time and more sessions with Alison and the Unseen Therapist I have let go of a lot of guilt about not being what I considered to be the “perfect” mother. I have completely reframed the fallacy of the socially constructed “perfect mother” image to one of the “loving trusting mother”. I look forward to my sessions with Alison and the growth, joy and peace they bring.

Desley M., Australia

“Before meeting Alison I was feeling unmotivated, and was finding it very hard to study and to get things done. After having several sessions with her I felt overall happier and more at peace.

I also felt more love towards myself and towards everyone around me.

During her sessions I improved my EFT skills and learnt how to use Optimal EFT. I also realised, thanks to Alison, the importance of healing childhood memories and how each of my past events has taught me something new.

I certainly recommend Alison. She has a huge capacity to empathise with her clients, and carries out the sessions in a very professional way.”

Natalia, Spain

EFT Parenting Coach Alison Brock Testimonials Client Success Stories Sara Stupak

“Alison has really found her calling as an EFT healer. I am so happy that she taught me EFT (EFT Tapping and Optimal EFT) over the last year. During our sessions she has helped me to unearth stories I had previously hidden in the depths of my psyche and body. With her guidance, I was able to bring these memories and emotions into awareness and finally release them.

EFT with Alison also played a significant role in healing a serious case of fibroids. My ob-gyn had recommended surgery but after months of lifestyle changes, including EFT, my fibroids completely disappeared.

Not only did I find more peace within, but I also have physical evidence of the power of this practice.

Alison taught me to be able to use the techniques on my own so that I can practice by myself. Now EFT is an integral part of my self-care routine. I can’t recommend Alison highly enough, not just as a practitioner, but also as a loving compassionate human. Healing happens in her presence.”

Sara S., Hawaii

EFT Parenting Coach Alison Brock Testimonials Client Success Stories Dilek Incoglu 2

“Alison is very intuitive, connected and gets to the point of what I need quickly. After our sessions, my mind and body feel very relaxed. It feels like I have released something that I have been holding deep inside.

I have done other therapies and I would rank the effectiveness of what Alison offers at the top of my list.

Sessions feel like a combination of going to a therapist, parent counsellor, life coach and acupuncturist. She also provides health and movement ideas that are very practical and that I can practice on my own afterwards.

I am very thankful to Alison and her unique way of tapping and sessions!”

Dilek I., Charlotte USA

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I am deeply grateful for the support Alison provided after I received a serious medical diagnosis. Her approach reflects a blend of a genuine desire to help others, attentive listening, insightful reflection and practical guidance based on her extensive knowledge of EFT and life experience.

Alison’s perceptiveness helped me identify underlying issues I had not been fully aware of before and practical strategies and tools to work on them.

I came away from each session feeling inspired and empowered, and quickly saw positive outcomes from working with her. I highly recommend Alison’s services to those seeking to overcome challenges in their lives.

Victor A., Hong Kong

EFT Parenting Coach Alison Brock Testimonials Client Success Stories Marcia Pinneau 2

“I would recommend anyone who is looking to understand the truth of who they are to work with Alison. She shared so much wisdom with me during our sessions, in a practical, down-to-earth manner but also with humor.

It felt so natural, like it was planted in me, and our time together just flew by.

She has a talent for understanding just what direction I need to go.

I had a high level of anxiety when we first started working together, which resulted in part from having to evacuate my home due to a threatening wildfire. Now, when I look at my journals from those days I hardly recognize myself. I have gratitude, excitement about my future, and a strong sense of my ability to connect with the Divine as a source of support.

Thank you Alison for your support and guidance in my journey.”

Marcia P., Oregon USA

“I have found Alison’s sessions to be immensely helpful and informative. So very grateful to have found her.”


Lindsay P., United Kingdom

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